Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Lighthouse Lacers - Open House and Accomplishments

Full Window Picture

I am a member of the Lighthouse Lacers and a past president of this group for four years. Once a year we decorate the window at the library. This year the theme was on Knit and Crochet Lace. We have a room across from the window where we demonstrate or show some of our finished projects. I didn't bring any work in progress this year, but I did bring some of my finished works. Another member of our group Marilee from yarnplayer, brought her camera and took more pictures. I have posted her site on the right so you can see the pictures she took.

Lighthouse Lacers Activities and Accomplishments

Our group also goes on a retreat once a year to Green Lake , WI to a conference center where we have a nice large room to do our work in. We stay from Friday night to Sunday noon. Last year we worked on Bruge Lace and although it was a small piece, it was quite involved for a lot of us. Most of us finished up our first piece and started on a second with hope of doing more of this lace in the future. This picture is the view we can see right outside the windows from the room we are working in. We have been staying in cabins for the last few years that are fairly close to the Conference Center. Here is a picture of the cabin we stayed at last year and we just loved it.

Every other year our group decorates a tree with all handmade ornaments. We started doing it for other organizations, but the turnout wasn't quite what we wanted. We than started doing it for the Hospice House in Kenosha, WI. We started there quite a few years ago and now that we have started with them we found that we were able to get not only more money for our work, but more money for them. They have been displaying the tree at different businesses here in the city and also at the Hospice House. The money collected for the last three times has been roughly $1,300 and I think that's showing pretty good turnout.

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TattingChic said...

What a great idea. I think the most our lace guild turned out was enough ornaments for a wreath one year for a fund-raiser. We must be a smaller group. Lovely tree.