Sunday, July 6, 2008

Bobbin Lace in Kenosha, WI - June 14th & 15th, 2008

We now have a new Civil War Museum added to our main museum and a couple of months ago after a fire they had an opening for a day to just give a brief showing and our lace group was asked to demo. Now this past weekend they had a whole weekend doing a Enactment and our group was again asked to demonstrate. Because of my mother I didn't do it myself this time, but I was there for the first one. I had taken pictures and would like to share them with you.

This is our Civil War Museum

The main Museum

This is a piece of Torchon Lace which will be a collar.

This just happens to be my pillow and some of my other made items around it along with some of my books, tools and tatting tools. I was just packing up my belongings and remembered to take some pictures. Most of my lace that I do can be found on my own web site.

This was the week before the Enactment and she, Naomi is working on that large collar piece. Bobbin lace is done by working with four bobbins at one time and just cross and twisting them in a certain directions. No matter how many bobbins are on a project only four are used to complete a stitch.

Here is Kathy doing crochet snowflakes, she also does bobbin lace.

Now this picture is very interesting because we have a member of the Enactment who started doing it when she was just six years old, now 13. This is first piece of bobbin lace she has ever made and she had almost finished it in a bit more than two hours. To all of you who happen to know Marilee from Yarnplayer, that is her there in the front demonstrating her tatting and boy is she good to! Marilee is also a member of my lace group and I find her very inspirational.

Here in another section of the room are women who do there own weaving. Children were having a real good time doing it also.

This little gal was really having a good time.

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